ApconiX Official Lab Opening!

IMG 8093 | ApconiX

It was a pleasure to welcome all our colleagues and collaborators to the official opening of the new ApconiX lab at Alderley Park March 1st 2016.  Professor Graham Boulnois (Chair of the Drug Discovery Medicines Catapult) cut the red ribbon, surrounded by well-wishers and the 3 ApconiX co-directors and co-founders, Richard Knight, Ruth Roberts and Mike Morton (L to R).

The biggest reason why drugs fail is due to safety and toxicology.  One part of this is around generating and interpreting ion channel data in the context of the project.  With the ApconiX team, we have over 150 years of drug discovery, development and ion channel experience to bring a new approach to this problem.  The opening of the new laboratory is just the start of the next chapter for ApconiX………the UK and Europe has seen a sharp decline in its science base in cellular and molecular toxicology. To address this, the team are building the laboratory towards an investigatory toxicology capability that can train students as it helps find answers to difficult toxicological problems.