Introduction to ApconiX

ApconiX is a team of world-renowned nonclinical safety experts with over 500 years of drug discovery and development expertise.  We will work with you to provide the advice you need, at the right time to make better decisions on drug safety, from project initiation through to worldwide marketing approval.  ApconiX has a team of experienced scientists covering all major safety disciplines, our own ion channel laboratory and a commitment to advancing the science of drug safety.

Increasing asset value by understanding and reducing safety risks

Ion Channel Screening e1575562532574 | ApconiX

hERG, CiPA, Seizure liability, bespoke
assay development

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Target Safety Assessments, Modality Safety Assessments, Therapeutic Asset Safety Assessments

Toxicology specialists | ApconiX

Discovery and Development Toxicology
Support, Subject Matter Experts
(reproductive and juvenile, genetic,
safety pharmacology, inhalation,
pathology, immunotox),

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Safety and DMPK Gap Analysis,
Asset Evaluation

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CRO Selection, Study Design and Oversight

Our Clients

Working with our clients to make better decisions