Drug Safety

Our dynamic Safety Science Team will provide pragmatic project-specific advice for all aspects of predictive and mechanistic drug safety.  From in vitro safety screening to target organ toxicity, our experts are here to help.

Modality and drug safety

The world of novel therapeutics is expanding in exciting ways. With options like targeted protein degraders, gene therapies, cellular therapeutics, Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), immune cell engagers, and viral platforms, there are so many possibilities to explore. Of course, each modality and platform comes with its own unique safety considerations. But with our extensive drug safety expertise and cutting-edge data science capabilities, your project is in great hands. We’ll work with you to create the best possible nonclinical safety plan to ensure your success.

  • Modality safety assessment
  • Novel platform safety evaluation
  • Targeted protein degrader safety advice (cereblon neo-substrates and novel E3 ligases)
  • Therapeutic asset safety reviews
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Predictive safety support

While predictive safety screening offers the opportunity to de-risk liabilities in early drug discovery, the next steps are often unclear.  We’re here to provide helpful data interpretation and strategic advice for predictive safety and in vitro toxicology screens. With our support, you can confidently move forward in your drug discovery journey.

  • Cardiotoxicity screens
  • Hepatotoxicity screens
  • Immunotoxicity screens
  • Mitochondrial toxicity screens
  • Neurotoxicity screens
  • Off-target pharmacology and  safety

Investigative toxicology

Unexpected safety signals can emerge in GLP toxicology studies or during clinical trials.  Our safety experts provide investigative toxicology plans and mechanistic toxicity research to develop the understanding to inform project decision making.

  • Design and assessment of investigative toxicology programs for safety issues that occur during drug discovery and development.
  • Capability for identification of toxic mechanisms of candidate drugs and chemical products.
  • Access our network of service providers for outsourced capabilities
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Target organ toxicity

Connect with experts at ApconiX for support in mechanistic understanding of drug-induced organ toxicity and the identification of safety biomarkers. Engage with our deep experience in all areas of drug-induced organ toxicity, including:

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