Meet The Team

ApconiX was founded in 2015 by co-Directors Prof Ruth Roberts, Dr Richard Knight and Dr Michael Morton as a new approach to providing world-class nonclinical safety expertise to biotech, biopharma and academia.

Our Company Directors

Ruth Roberts
Richard Knight
Dr Mike Morton
Michael Morton

Our Team Members

Dr Paul Duffy
Paul Duffy
Jane Stewart
Damian Deavall
Claire Sadler
Dr Guy Healing
Guy Healing
Peter Ballard
Karen Jones
Photo of Dr Kimberly Rockley
Kim Rockley
Jane Barber
Jane Barber
Photograph of Dr Russell Huby
Russell Huby
Ian Slater
Ian Slater
Phumzile Sikakana
Phumzile Sikakana
Steffen Ernst
Annette Zaar
Rob Wallis
William O’Brien
Julie Knight
Mike ODonovan
Björn Dahl
Marie Cumberbatch
Andrew Winkley
Kemal Haque
Olivia Turner
Tanya Coleman
Dr Laurence Bishop Head of Business Development
Laurence Bishop
Dr Karin Burnett | Toxicologist | ApconiX
Karen Burnett
Dr Duncan Armstrong | Pharmacologist | ApconiX
Duncan Armstrong
Simon Craige | Toxicologist | ApconiX
Simon Craige

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