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Acuity Target Safety Assessments (TSAs)

A TSA brings together public domain information (target homology, gene and protein expression profiles, transgenic and mutation phenotype data) with the expertise of experienced toxicologists into a concise report that identifies key risks by organ/tissue.

Why are TSAs important in drug discovery and development?

Understanding potential safety liabilities associated with a target at an early point in a project helps you to anticipate and manage issues before they arise.
Our Acuity TSAs form the basis of a risk mitigation plan including the ranking of risks and potential next steps.

Acuity TSAs are created by project toxicologists, supported by artificial intelligence, to provide an understanding of target and modality safety liabilities and a risk mitigation plan.

Our concise and customised Acuity TSAs will:

• Increase your knowledge of potential safety liabilities
• Support timely and informed decision-making
• Maximise the use of your limited resources
• Boost confidence with a comprehensive search using the latest AI technology
• Include an optional annual update

Why are TSAs so important?

Acuity Target Safety Assessments

“The target safety evaluation was perfect.  Our toxicologist was very happy with the final document as was the project team.  Not only was the document great, it was delivered on time and the turn-around time for the edits was outstanding.  I have no doubt that we will be using your services in the future.”

James Murray, Toxicologist, Sanofi

“Working with ApconiX has been effortless! They have provided high quality target safety assessments with a focus on comprehensive interpretation of findings. The information provided has helped contribute to decisions on activities when moving early molecules forward. ApconiX constantly meets or exceeds timelines, while still providing flexibility to fit in last minute requests without impacting previously scheduled work. It has been a pleasure to work with Ruth and her team.”

Gilead Sciences

Your Acuity TSA will be:

  • Authored by project toxicologists familiar with discovery team dynamics
  • Individually tailored to the needs of each project
  • Focussed on key risks to aid informed decision-making

Each Acuity TSA contains:

  • Executive summary of key information
  • Homology, expression, transgenic and mutation phenotypes
  • Key risks identified and categorised by tissue
  • Competitor information (public domain)
  • Mitigation plans with ranking of risks and potential next steps
  • Embedded PowerPoint ready for presentation

“ApconiX target reviews are of outstanding quality and obviously created by people with a thorough understanding of what is needed to help guide decisions.”

James S. MacDonald PhD, Synergy Partners R&D Solutions

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