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Target Safety Assessments (TSAs)

Understanding the potential safety risks associated with a specific target or pathway is a crucial step in building an informed risk assessment for drug projects. ApconiX TSAs collate relevant information from the literature and other publicly-available sources to concisely present any potential safety risks with possible mitigation plans. Our TSAs are written by experienced project toxicologists familiar with working in a project environment

“Working with ApconiX has been effortless! They have provided high quality target safety assessments with a focus on comprehensive interpretation of findings. The information provided has helped contribute to decisions on activities when moving early molecules forward. ApconiX constantly meets or exceeds timelines, while still providing flexibility to fit in last minute requests without impacting previously scheduled work. It has been a pleasure to work with Ruth and her team.”

Gilead Sciences

“ApconiX target reviews are of outstanding quality and obviously created by people with a thorough understanding of what is needed to help guide decisions.”

James S. MacDonald PhD, Synergy Partners R&D Solutions

Your Target Safety Assessment can include:

  • Executive summary that presents all the key information in a convenient form
  • Suggested risk assessment plan to guide ranking of risks and next steps
  • Background to the project such as homology, expression, transgenic and mutation phenotypes to understand the role of the target in normal biology and the potential toxicological consequences of its modulation
  • Potential safety risks for major organ systems (including nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, liver, immune and gastrointestinal systems + others relevant for the target) ranked by probability and consequences.
  • Competitor compound information in the public domain.

Overall, our integrated TSAs enable you to make informed decisions on all aspects of your discovery and development programme.

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