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Target Safety Assessment

Over 50% of drug safety failures are known to be related to the target itself. Understanding the role of your drug target in normal physiology, and any potential adverse consequences of its modulation, is the foundation on which to build the safety profile of your asset.

Our experienced toxicologists will conduct a thorough review of the literature and will identify and prioritise any issues that are relevant for further consideration. In collaboration with your team, we will provide a bespoke, succinct, risk-focused report that is directly aligned to your needs.

Target Safety Assessments can include:

  • Target description and role in normal physiology
  • Transgenic animal and human mutation data
  • Expression profiles
  • Interpretation of literature to identify specific target organs of toxicity
  • Clinical compound data
  • Ranking of risks in consideration of the target patient population
  • Experimental plan to assess potential risks
  • Understanding key safety concerns related to your target enables you to make informed decisions on all aspects of your discovery programme

Tailored to your needs

We offer three levels of Assessment:

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