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Improving Drug Project Success by Understanding Drug Target Safety

Join this educational webinar to learn how target safety assessments (TSAs) are used to determine the potential consequences of modulating a target and provide options on how to assess those risks.

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The Evolving Role of Ion Channels in Shaping Successful Drug Discovery

This webinar will present the critical role of ion channels in drug discovery, and how this role is evolving. The listener will learn about advances in ion channel biology, experimental technologies and in vitro models, new ion channel ligands, and toxicological considerations.

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Making Safety Part of Drug Design

This webinar was part of the Medicines Discovery Catapult Connects series of webinars “Is My Compound Safe?”.   This webinar was recorded at the same time as “How to get your molecule into Humans” presented by Pauline Garner of Sequani.

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Making Safety a Part of Drug Design – Preclinical Safety for Anti-infectives

In this webinar, Claire Sadler discussed the toxicological challenges and pitfalls of antibiotic discovery programs. Potential safety risks are the major reason for terminating a program in early phases of antibiotic drug development.

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Science Driven Design of Preclinical Strategy Case by Case

This presentation was part of Alderley Park’s Science Seminar Series.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Toxicology

Ruth will present lessons learned from >20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on attrition, prediction and the challenges posed by non-clinical to clinical concordance.

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