How Alderley Park Grew into an Innovation Hub

ApconiX Team

A great piece in the Financial Times this week “How Alderley Park Grew into an Innovation Hub” which highlights the success of Alderley Park following AstraZeneca’s announced departure 5 years ago.  Ned Wakeman talks about his team’s continued support of the start-up companies and Dr Chris Doherty explains the vision of the site that will continue to build upon the strong life science legacy.  Professor Ruth Roberts of ApconiX, Dr Steve McConchie of Aptus and Professor Paul Stott of Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services all discuss the importance of community and collaboration – and the drive provided by the talented individuals who chose not to move down to Cambridge but instead stayed, creating the many successful companies who now form part of the vibrant hub at Alderley Park in Cheshire.  The Financial Times has an online subscription model.  Search for “North takes on South in UK’s life science industry”.