Data Science

In the public domain there are now vast amounts of biodata available that can be effectively mined to support specific questions of target and drug safety. These datasets are often from multiple sources, are potentially prone to errors and may be over-interpreted by non-experts.  Our expertise in curating and analysing complex biodata allows the acquisition of relevant evidence to enable expert-led toxicological interpretation.

At heart we are problem solvers; we leverage our bioinformatics expertise to handle complex data types to tackle multiple biological problems

Safety Informatics

  • Predictive toxicology and chemoinformatics
  • Target conservation and structural analysis
  • Target distribution and expression
  • Translational and off-target safety analysis
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Advanced BioData Analytics

  • Assembly of novel expression data and exploratory and end-end NGS data analyses
  • Curation of orthogonal datasets and exploratory analyses
  • Data analysis for target validation
  • Systematic analyses and text mining
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