About Ruth Roberts

Professor Ruth A Roberts, PhD, ATS, FBTS, ERT, FRSB, FRCPath Director and Cofounder, ApconiX, UK and Chair and Director of Drug Discovery, University of Birmingham, UK Ruth is chair of drug discovery at Birmingham University, UK and Cofounder of ApconiX, an integrated toxicology and ion channel company that brings together a team of world-renowned nonclinical safety experts with over 400 years of drug discovery and development experience. Previously, Ruth was Global Head of Regulatory Safety at AstraZeneca and Director of Toxicology for Aventis. Ruth is an established science professional bringing rigorous expert thinking to toxicology, drug discovery and drug development. With >140 publications in peer reviewed journals, she is focused on reducing attrition attributable to safety and toxicity. A former president of the British Toxicology Society, former president of EUROTOX, former secretary to SOT and president elect of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences, Ruth was the recipient of the SOT Achievement award in 2002, the EUROTOX Bo Holmstedt Award in 2009 and the SOT Founders award in 2018 for outstanding leadership in toxicology.

ApconiX at EUROTOX 2018

Dr Michael Morton, Professor Ruth Roberts, Dr Richard Knight and Dr Paul Duffy will be attending EUROTOX this September in Brussels. The theme for 2018 is “Toxicology Out of the Box” and reflects the federation’s willingness and enthusiasm to offer an innovative, forward-looking and imaginative scientific programme.  ‘"The theme for EUROTOX aligns perfectly with our [...]

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Mother and Daughter on Front cover

Ruth Roberts and Emma Walker were featured on the front cover of Toxicology Research this month.  The mother and daughter’s review article, Collaboration and competition: ethics in toxicology hit the headlines in Volume 7. The front cover was painted by Emma, an accomplished artist as well as scientist.  Emma is currently studying for her Master’s [...]

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Understanding drug targets: no such thing as bad news

Abstract: How can small-to-medium pharma and biotech companies enhance the chances of running a successful drug project and maximise the return on a limited number of assets? Having a full appreciation of the safety risks associated with proposed drug targets is a crucial element in understanding the unwanted side-effects that might stop a project in [...]

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Ruth wins the 2018 SOT Founders Award!

The official photographs are out to show that it was all smiles in San Antonio earlier this year when I received the 2018 Society of Toxicology (SOT) founders award.  I was proud to be presented with the  plaque by my good friend and colleague, Leigh Ann Burns Naas.  Dr Burns Naas is SOT President as [...]

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RSB Presidents Dinner

Ruth Roberts (ApconiX) and Emma Walker (Kings College London) attended the Royal Society of Biology President's Dinner May 2nd 2018 where they chatted with Stephen Benn about the great work he does as Vice-President of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee and for the Society as their Director of Parliamentary Affairs. Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow succeeded [...]

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ApconiX @ The BTS Congress 2018!

We were delighted to sponsor the poster and drinks reception at the annual British Toxicology Society meeting April 2018. The posters were fascinating with lots of new data on topics such as differentiated pluripotent stem cells, predicting and avoiding drug-induced toxicity and characterisation of cardiac stem cells for assessment of cardiotoxicity.  There were also some [...]

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Xenogesis & Sygnature Hosted Meeting

ApconiX enjoyed a double-billing at the recent ‘Predictive Toxicology in Discovery DMPK’ meeting hosted by Sygnature Discovery and Xenogesis in Nottingham.  Ruth Roberts kicked off the event with the keynote address entitled ‘Roberts Derisking early drug projects Shortened Version March 2018’ (click the title for pdf).  Mike Morton addressed the conference later on in the [...]

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Post SOT ApconiX Post!

Team ApconiX (Ruth Roberts, Richard Knight, Mike Morton, Paul Duffy and Claire Sadler) had a truly outstanding SOT2018 with great new science and great new contacts. Ruth Roberts was the proud recipient of the 2018 SOT Founders Award presented by SOT president Patti Ganey. Claire Sadler presented in a session on Elevator Pitch followed by [...]

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Team ApconiX will be @ SOT2018!

Ruth Roberts, Richard Knight, Mike Morton, Paul Duffy and Claire Sadler will be at SOT2018. We’d love to talk to you about how ApconiX can add value to your projects through better decisions in drug project toxicology, target safety assessments and ion channel/hERG screening. Every project is unique and needs the guidance of experts to ensure [...]

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Changes in the metabolome and microRNA levels in biological fluids might represent biomarkers of neurotoxicity: A trimethyltin study.

Abstract: Neurotoxicity has been linked with exposure to a number of common drugs and chemicals, yet efficient, accurate, and minimally invasive methods to detect it are lacking. Fluid-based biomarkers such as those found in serum, plasma, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid have great potential due to the relative ease of sampling but at present, data on [...]

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