Ion Channel Screening

Whether you want to explore an ion channel as a potential new target or understand cardiovascular liability, seizure or other liabilities, ApconiX can help you with our electrophysiology expertise, customer-focused flexibility and rapid delivery of high data quality. The services we offer include hERG screening and CiPA assays, a seizure panel of 15 ion channels and a MicroElectrode Array assay using human derived neuronal stem cells. These are complemented by a wide range of assay development and ion channel screening services.

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Make safety part of drug design with early drug discovery screening.

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Rapid high quality ion channel screening
for hERG and the CiPA paradigm

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An integrated in vitro screening approach for seizure liability to support hazard identification and decision making in early drug discovery

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Including assay development, manual patch clamp, sustainability and investigative research.

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Directors and co-founders Dr Michael Morton
and Dr Richard Knight are joined by
members of the laboratory team
Dr Kimberly Rockley and Hannah Jennings.

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Director and co-founder Dr Michael Morton and Dr Kimberly Rockley discuss the benefits of early ion channel screening in this DDW podcast