SOT 58th Annual Meeting & ToxExpo – 1455: Poster Presentation Sponsored by Professor Ruth Roberts

Professor Ruth Roberts
SOT 2019

At the Society of Toxicology 58th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo from March 10th to 14th at the Baltimore Convention Center, poster presentation on Monday March 11th 10:45am – 12:15pm Poster Board P524 Convention Center Exhibition Hall sponsored by Professor Ruth Roberts. 

Real-Time Measurement of Drug Release Using Carbon Nanotube MEA System.

Authors:  N. Matsuda, A. Odawara, K. Ogawa, and I. Suzuki. Tohoku Institute of Technology, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. Sponsor: R. Roberts


Multi-electrode (MEA) assays using human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived neurons are expected to predict the toxicity and the pharmacological effects. If not only the action potential but also the neurotransmitter measurement can be measured, it is possible to evaluate the drug which related to release of neurotransmitters, and it is expected to improve the accuracy of medicinal effects. In this study, we aimed to develop the carbon nanotube (CNT) MEA chip, which enables real-time measurement of neurotransmitters by electrochemical reaction. The CNT-MEA chip was fabricated by electro-plating method. Detection sensitivity to drug (DA) in the fabricated CNT-MEA chip was examined by electrochemical measurement method. The change of DA release to methamphetamine (MTH) were measured using cultured human iPSC-derived drug neurons on CNT-MEA. As a result of the electrochemical measurement, an oxidation peak current was observed at 0.25 V, and the detection limit and linearity of DA was less than 5 nM. We have also succeeded in real time detection of DA release from cultured human iPS cell derived DA neurons, and detected the changes in the amount of DA release depending on MTH dose. We also developed the simultaneous measurement device both electrochemical measurement and conventional field potential measurement. CNT-MEA is expected as a new MEA measurement method that improves the accuracy of toxicity prediction and the pharmacological effects.

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