Professor Ruth Roberts Is the Mildred S. Christian Career Achievement 2022 Award Recipient

Professor Ruth Roberts

Professor Ruth Roberts received the Academy of Toxicological Sciences’ Mildred S. Christian Career Achievement award for 2022.

The Mildred S. Christian Career Achievement Award

The Mildred S. Christian Career Achievement Award was established to honour the memory of Dr Christian, known to many as “Millie.” She gave much of her time and financial resources to the Academy of Toxicological Sciences (ATS) and helped to make the ATS into an efficient and scientifically recognised organisation. Many of the policies and practices used today benefit from her efforts.

The award is conferred upon an ATS Fellow who has clearly demonstrated a lasting impact on toxicological sciences.

Ruth has been active in ATS since she joined as a fellow in 2005 and was President of the organisation from 2018 to 2019.

Ruth commented, “I was absolutely delighted to be nominated and thrilled to actually receive the award. I would like to thank my fellow toxicologists for selecting me – it’s especially thrilling to know that I am the first non-American recipient.”

In place of the normal ATS Annual Business Meeting and Mixer at the 61st Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, there will be a webinar later in the year where Ruth and previous winners will share their research experience.

ApconiX is looking forward to attending and exhibiting at SOT this year.


The Academy of Toxicological Sciences (ATS) was established in 1981 to assure, through in-depth peer review of professional qualifications of toxicology practitioners, high quality, objective, and unbiased understanding, and interpretation of toxicity data developed for the protection of public health.  ATS was created for the purpose of creating a system for recognising the qualifications of both generators and interpreters of databases related to the toxicity and safety of chemical substances. ATS certifies toxicologists who are internationally identifiable, based on peer-review by a Board of Directors, and who exemplify a high standard of qualifications in the field. ATS, through a deliberate peer-review process of credentials, is ensuring a high standard of professional experience and practice for toxicology professionals engaged in the generation and translation of toxicology data and information to protection of human health.