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Society of Toxicology 2022

Professor Ruth Roberts, Dr Richard Knight, Dr Michael Morton, Dr Laurence Bishop, Dr James Sidaway, Dr Claire Sadler, Dr Kimberly Rockley, Simon Craige, and Dr Andrew Winkley will all be attending the 2022 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo in San Diego in March.

Come and visit us at Booth # 2028.

Here we are at BioForward last September 2020 – only our second face to face conference since 2019.  We’re really hoping SOT goes ahead in person and look forward to meeting new friends, and old friends we haven’t seen in person for a very long time.

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Whiskey a Go Go

Relay the hERG story behind the whiskey shot glass and we’ll give you one free (empty of course – well almost) but with a chance of winning something very appropriate to fill the glass up with!  It won’t be too difficult – we’ve publish the story on the website.

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There’ll be a few other fun things going on – come and see us at the booth to find out more.

ApconiX are giving a number of poster presentations, talks and a Continuing Education Session.  Read on to find out more…

Continuing Education Session

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Professor Ruth Roberts

SOT 2022 Continuous Education (CE) Programme Course
Talk Title: Target Safety Assessments: Knowledge is Power
Presenter: Professor Ruth Roberts
Session Title: Safety Evaluation Strategies in Drug Discovery: From Target Assessment to Identification of Drug Candidates
Session Time: Sunday 27th of March 2022 from 8:15 AM to 12:00 Noon

Poster Presentation

Dr James Sidaway | ApconiX

P. Sikakana1, B. Haynes2, H. Ge2, R. Roberts1,2

ApconiX Ltd., 1ApconiX, Alderley Edge, United Kingdom and 2University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Abstract Number/Poster Board number: 4755/P817
Abstract Title: What Are the Common Toxicities Predicted by Target Safety Assessments?
Presenting Author: Phumzile Sikakana and James Sidaway
Session Title: Safety Assessment: Pharmaceutical—Drug Discovery
Session Date and Time: Wednesday 30th March 2022 10:45 AM to 12:30 PM

Poster Presentation

Dr Kimberly Rockley | ApconiX

Abstract Number/Poster Board number: 5047/ P151
Abstract Title: Initial Testing of an Ion Channel Panel for Early In Vitro Detection of Seizure Liability
Presenting Author: Kimberly Rockley
Session Title: Late-Breaking 3
Presentation Date and Time: Thursday, March 31, 2022; 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Presentation Location: Convention Center Sails Pavilion

SOT Drug Discovery Toxicology Specialty Section Paper of the Year Award for 2021

Professor Ruth Roberts

The Drug Discovery Toxicology Specialty Section of SOT has selected Professor Ruth Roberts as the recipient of their Paper of the Year Award for 2021.

The Paper of the Year Award was created to highlight a scientific achievement in the field of Discovery Toxicology.

Ruth A Roberts, Richard A Campbell, Phumzile Sikakana, Claire Sadler, Mark Osier, Yili Xu, Joy Y Feng, Michael Mitchell, Roman Sakowicz, Anne Chester, Eric Paoli, Jianhong Wang, Leigh Ann Burns-Naas, Species-Specific Urothelial Toxicity With an Anti-HIV Noncatalytic Site Integrase Inhibitor (NCINI) Is Related to Unusual pH-Dependent Physicochemical Changes, Toxicological Sciences, Volume 183, Issue 1, September 2021, Pages 105–116, This open access paper may be downloaded here.

The paper had previously been chosen for the September Issue ToxSpotlight in Toxicological Sciences, the official SOT journal.

InTOXicating Science Talk

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Professor Ruth Roberts

Session Description:
Ever wondered if you’d make a good entrepreneur?
Presenter:  Professor Ruth Roberts
Session Date: March 29, 2022
Session Time: 11:30 AM-12:30 PM