ApconiX Welcomes 3 New Experts!

Almost one year in, ApconiX is going from strength to strength in delivering integrated toxicology expertise.  But we realised we had a few key skills missing; to address this we have brought in 3 new toxicology experts.

Mike O’Donovan joins us to provide expertise in genetic toxicology.  With over 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has over 65 peer-reviewed publications, Mike has an international reputation as a senior toxicologist.

Damian Deavall joins us to provide broad expertise in global drug development across multiple modalities. He specialises in leading and managing drug safety programmes, especially within complex alliances and partnerships.

Jay Goodman joins us to strengthen our depth of experience in mechanisms underlying the ability of non-genotoxic compounds to cause carcinogenesis.  Jay is internationally renowned for his research activities and his long-standing interest in furthering science-based safety assessment of chemicals.

We look forward to working with them and to another exciting year ahead!