Ruth Roberts and Emma Walker were featured on the front cover of Toxicology Research this month.  The mother and daughter’s review article, Collaboration and competition: ethics in toxicology hit the headlines in Volume 7.

The front cover was painted by Emma, an accomplished artist as well as scientist.  Emma is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Health and Public Policy at King’s College London and will be starting a PhD in Bio-Social research at University College London in September 2018.

Emma’s paintings are often used by the ApconiX team to illustrate company news. The study of mitochondria takes pride of place in the ApconiX office at Alderley Park alongside Pandora’s Box (an allegory for toxicology) and Winter Berries, painted for the ApconiX Winter Newsletter.

Ruth added “The invitation to contribute to this themed issue of Toxicology Research was a great opportunity to bring together Emma’s developing expertise in ethics and health policy with my experience in toxicology.  We are just working on a follow-on research project sponsored by the BTS where we plan to survey the membership to establish attitudes to collaboration and competition in toxicology.  Watch this space for the emerging data!’