Choosing the right non-clinical CRO

Assay development test tube

Non-clinical contract research organisations (CROs) are an integral part of modern drug development. For any novel agent, delivery of GLP toxicity data to support clinical trials is a crucial step that requires a professional organisation with dedicated management, infrastructure and a broad array of technical and scientific skills.

In selecting a CRO, the sponsor typically looks at capability, timelines and cost. However, other factors such as geography, communication and the quality of the interpretation and final report can also play a vital part in the successful delivery of a project.

Independent study monitors with broad knowledge of this area can provide an effective solution to navigating this complex landscape and give a valuable third-party perspective to the benefit of both the sponsor and CRO.

The partnership between CROs, pharma and independent experts plays a key role in driving improvements in our industry and ensures we deliver appropriate data to regulators, and better value to the sponsors.

Dr Richard Knight and Dr Guy Healing discuss how to make a better decision in PharmaTimes.

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