ApconiX Welcomes Dr Haroon Rashid

Dr Haroon Rashid | ApconiX

ApconiX is delighted to welcome Dr Haroon Rashid who joins us as a Senior Toxicologist and will be working with Dr Richard Knight. Haroon has worked at a number of CROs as Study Director, working in General, Development and Reproductive, and Chemical Toxicology.


Haroon came to the UK from Kashmir when he was 14 and soon found his niche in the sciences.  After studying for a BSc in physiology at the University of Liverpool, Haroon went on to carry out research into calcium changes during smooth muscle contraction and mechanisms of cellular exocytosis as a Research Assistant at the School of Physiology, University of Liverpool.  That work convinced Haroon to continue a career in academic research.  He went on to investigate the molecular transport through in vitro human skin under iontophoresis (small electric current) and/or electroporation (short pulses of high voltage) with reference to the reversibility of the skin barrier, gaining a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Bradford. While carrying out research at Bradford, Haroon became involved in teaching nursing students as well as supervising science undergraduates.

Haroon is very fortunate to be a member of a business orientated family and had the opportunity to sample various careers including in hospitality and accountancy before settling down to a career in toxicology.

Haroon joined Sequani as a trainee study director and continued as a study director mainly in Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology later joining Harlan Laboratories (later, part of Envigo Research) where he worked mainly on the toxicology studies of chemicals for REACH.  Missing working with the pharmaceutical sector, Haroon joined Covance Laboratories (now LabCorp Early Development Laboratories Limited).

Haroon worked on a variety of small molecules and biologics as a study director gaining experience in general toxicology as well as Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART) studies.

Working at ApconiX

Having worked as a study director for a number of years, Haroon commented, “I really wanted to broaden my horizons further into nonclinical toxicology and the whole drug development process and when a chance became available to join ApconiX, I felt it was an ideal opportunity. It was great to know so many new colleagues already, including Kerry Illston, Pauline Garner, Simon Craige, Scott Hackford, Jane Stewart, Guy Healing and Bjorn Dahl.”

Dr Richard Knight, Director and Co-founder added, “Haroon’s enthusiasm, experience and attention to detail has meant he’s already making a great contribution to our clients’ drug projects. He’s a great team player and in the short time he’s been with us, he’s become an invaluable member of the group.

Interests Outside Work

Haroon enjoys reading and is a big Lord of the Rings enthusiast and a great film fan.  He also enjoys walking, playing and watching cricket.