Professor Ruth Roberts Joins the NC3Rs NAMs Advisory Group

Professor Ruth Roberts

Professor Ruth Roberts has joined the NC3Rs NAMs (new approach methodologies) Advisory Group which supports the NAMs Network by providing expert insight and advice.

Ruth commented, “We are passionate about replacing the use of animals in drug safety at ApconiX and have recently launched a seizure liability assay which hopefully be a significant contribution to the NAMs already available.  I am delighted to be joining the Advisory Group and look forward to some interesting discussions and debates in the coming months.”

Advisory board members include:

  • Professor Ian Kimber, an Emeritus Professor of Toxicology in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at the University of Manchester (Chair)
  • Dr Camilla Alexander-White, an independent chemical safety assessor at MKTox Consultancy
  • Dr Susy Brescia, Head of the Toxicology Team with the Chemicals Regulation Division of the UK Health and Safety Executive
  • Dr Richard A. Currie, a Syngenta Senior Fellow in Global Product Safety’s Science Strategy
  • Professor Ruth Roberts, Chair and Director of Drug Discovery at Birmingham University and Co-founder of ApconiX
  • Dr Clive Roper, an independent consultant at Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited
  • Dr Carl Westmoreland is based in the Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) at Unilever.

Click to find more about the NAMs Advisory Group members.

The NAMs Network

The NAMs Network is a community of researchers, developers and industry and regulatory end-users working together to accelerate the use of NAMs. Open to stakeholders from all sectors and at all career levels, the aim of the Network is to encourage and support conversations and collaborations across sectors in NAMs.

The NAMs Network launch event will take place on Tuesday, 30th of April in London.  Click to find out more about the NAMs Network Launch


The NC3Rs works to pioneer better science through advancing the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement) in research. Their mission is to support the discovery and adoption of predictive, reproducible and cost-effective alternatives to the use of animals; improve standards where animal use is necessary, optimising model selection and study design and minimising suffering as far as possible and promote the importance of the 3Rs across the scientific community, nationally and internationally, by providing training and embedding the 3Rs in policy, practice and regulations.

NC3Rs is Celebrating 20 Years

Launched in 2004, in the UK, in response to the House of Lords Select Committee report on Animals in Scientific Procedures, which recommended the establishment of a national centre to increase the focus on the 3Rs, NC3Rs has a portfolio of work including research and innovation funding, early career awards and desk-based projects.

Dr Deb Milligan, programme manager for the NAMs Network, added, “We are very pleased to be launching a network in the important area of NAMs and delighted we have Ruth’s expertise and support as a member of the Advisory Group.”