ApconiX Welcomes Bethan Kelly

Bethan Kelly

ApconiX is delighted to welcome Bethan Kelly who joins for a years’ placement having just completed her second year of a bachelor’s degree in biology.  Bethan becomes part of the ion channel laboratory team and will be working with Dr Michael Morton.

Studying Biology

Bethan has always had a leaning towards science and biology in particular because of her interest in healthcare and helping people.  Studying biology, chemistry, and psychology (not a natural mathematician or physicist, Bethan was drawn to studying something different that she hadn’t been able to study at GCSE), she decided to study biology at the University of York.  Originally a 3-year course, Bethan applied for an industry placement as a way of gaining experience of laboratory practices and the pharmaceutical industry.

Working at ApconiX

Bethan had already been in contact with Mike in the hope of securing work experience during Sixth Form, but the pandemic, unfortunately, prevented that from happening.  Her interest in molecular biology and genetics the University further motivated her to apply to ApconiX for a placement year.

Only a few weeks into her placement, Bethan is learning the ropes of the many and varied techniques and procedures involved in the ion channel laboratory day-to-day.  Currently working in cell culture, Bethan will soon move onto a project that she will write up as part of the University placement year requirements.

Mike commented, “Bethan was chosen for this placement from a number of applicants. She showed great enthusiasm during the interview and will be a great fit for the ApconiX lab team.”

Work Experience

Bethan received a Student Volunteering Award from the Shephard Group in recognition of work carried out for the City of York.

With concerns surrounding the pandemic and the future of work in mind, the City of York council formed a 10-year skills strategy published in Autumn 2021 with the aim of supporting young people and equipping employers in York with the tools to upskill their employees. Bethan’s role was to research the challenges faced specifically by the manufacturing sector and what support they would benefit from.  For a month Bethan joined a team of volunteers who interviewed various business representatives and formally presented their findings to York City Council. Bethan continued her involvement after the project was completed, speaking at graduate employment events and at debriefings in later community projects.  Bethan also helped create content based on her experience to promote student engagement in volunteering.

Bethan has also been a Creating Connections volunteer supporting disabled people and a wildlife hospital volunteer at the Lower Moss Wood Educational Nature Reserve.

Gaining experience of routine analytical testing at United Utilities in Warrington, Bethan is looking forward to mixing the more routine testing for clients at ApconiX with active research projects.

Interests Outside Work

Bethan plays badminton for the university team and is currently captain of the ladies’ team at Sandbach.  As well as playing the trumpet, Bethan also plays the flugelhorn in the university brass band. Bethan enjoys bouldering “not too far to fall!” and is looking forward to a scrambling weekend in Snowdonia (probably Tryfan and the Glyders) next spring with friends.