Join Dr Kimberley Rockley for a Session on Seizure Liability

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Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting 2021:

SPS 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting will take place between the 4th and 8th of October.

“Seizure Liability” Session

On the 5th October at 10am Eastern Daylight Time, as part of the seizure liability session, Kimberly Rockley will be presenting an overview of the problem of seizure liability within drug development and will introduce the exciting work in this area that is currently underway at ApconiX. This includes an introduction into the development of a ‘seizure ion channel panel’ and an in vitro screen using MEA technology and hiPSc-derived neuronal cells.

Kim will be joined by Chris Strock and Anke Tukker.

Can We Panelize Seizure?

Kim Rockley, ApconiX

Enhancing Seizure Prediction: Rat and Human MEA Models Offer Complementary Results

Chris Strock, Cyprotex US

Exciting Models: hiPSC-derived Neuronal Co-cultures for In Vitro Seizure Liability Assessment

Anke Tukker, Purdue University US

Outline of the session

Drug-induced Seizure liability remains a significant cause of attrition in drug discovery and development, contributing to among the most frequently addressed CNS safety concerns during clinical development. Current preclinical approaches include in vitro profiling and assays to investigate seizurogenic mechanisms, with detection of tremors or unusual movements within toxicology or safety pharmacology animal studies.  Potential effects often require follow-up using invasive measures such as PTZ rodent studies or EEG monitoring in non-rodents. The presentations in this session will consider the recent progress in the field to address detection of seizure liabilities of novel therapies earlier in the discovery phase. This will cover work from the HESI NeuTox consortia and academic groups to identify important molecular targets to ‘panelize seizure’, the development of MEA technologies and investigations of applicable cell-types (hiPSc-derived neurons and astrocytes, patient-derived iPSCs) and highlight how these developments are influencing tailored approaches to seizure detection and management within safety pharmacology packages.

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