Dr Michael Morton will be speaking at EUROTOX this September in Belgium.  On Tuesday September 4th at 16:30 in Hall 100 Mike will address ‘Cardiac safety: current state of the art’ chaired by Dr Mark Holbrook of VAST Pharma solutions and Ester Lovsin-Barle from Lonza.  Mike will present ‘Ion channel profiling of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes: Useful reagents for automated patch-clamp?’

Drawing on research carried out last year and presented as a poster at Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting 2017 in Berlin, Mike will discuss his experience with stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes. These cells were sourced from different manufacturers and tested by automated patch-clamp. Sodium and calcium channel currents were recorded, as were cardiac action potentials. The presentation will address whether these cells are a viable and useful reagent for ion channel screening.

EUROTOX is being held in Brussels this year and runs the 2nd to 5th of September 2018.  For more information see the EUROTOX website.  See the full programme here.