Collaboration and competition: ethics in toxicology

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What are our attitudes to research resourcing, publication and the peer review system? 

The British Toxicology Society (BTS) is conducting a survey to establish attitudes of toxicologists to key questions such as ‘I believe collaboration to be important in driving toxicology research in the UK’ and ‘I believe the current system of peer review for research outputs is a fair and appropriate system’.  The survey follows on from a recent paper published in Toxicology Research, the official journal of the BTS that considered ‘Collaboration and competition: ethics in toxicology’.

If you are a BTS member please make your voice heard by responding to the questionnaire you have in your inbox before October 1st 2018.

For more information or if you haven’t received the survey please contact the chair of the BTS Scientific Subcommittee Dr Jason Gill for assistance.