ApconiX Welcomes Sushma Pabbineedi.

Photo of Sushma Pabbineedii and Dr Michael Morton

ApconiX is delighted to welcome Sushma Pabbineedi for a placement during May.  Sushma will be working alongside Dr Michael Morton and Dr Karen Jones in the ion channel laboratory.

Sushma studied Biomedical Sciences and gained a bachelor’s degree from Manchester Metropolitan University.  She took a gap year working at the AQA examination board in Manchester before studying for a Master of Research degree at the University of Manchester.

Studying at The Cancer Research in Manchester where the Major Centre benefits from the strong partnership between The University of Manchester, Cancer Research UK and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Sushma’s research project was titled “Investigating the Ability of GSK3ß to Inhibit PIR2/RNF144B Expression in Triple-negative Breast Cancers”.

Biomarkers in one of the five key themes of groundbreaking translational research carried out at The Centre which also includes molecular pathology, radiotherapy, experimental cancer medicine, and prevention and early detection.

Sushma has worked at several placements since graduating in December 2018 including at Yourgene Health at Manchester Science Park.

“I appreciate the work placement opportunities companies are giving me to help me decide whether to stay in academia and gain a PhD or start my career in industry straight away”, commented Sushma.

Mike added, “It’s essential that biology students gain real-world experience in a research laboratory. ApconiX is delighted to give this experience to Sushma. We’ve got some very ‘cool’ work lined up looking at cold-receptor TRP channels”.