ApconiX Welcomes Donna Martin

Donna Martin | ApconiX

ApconiX is delighted to welcome Donna Martin who joins the Finance team as Finance and Administration Assistant and will be working with Louisa Lake.


Donna worked for AstraZeneca for thirty years, working in Human Resources commenting, “Although that seems a long time, in those 30 years I’ve actually worked for three different companies.”

Donna started her career in Wilmslow joining Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and working for Corporate Management Services (CMS). CMS later became Computer and Telecoms (CATS).  At the time of the demerger Donna moved to Blackey, in Manchester as she did not want to move to Runcorn, ICIs base at The Heath. CATS had three computer centres, Northeast in Wilton, Northwest in Runcorn and the international region in Blackley.  Special buildings were constructed at that time to house the main frames which have gradually shrunk!

Donna was at Blakey for about a year when she was offered a role back in HR but at Macclesfield at Zeneca, and subsequently moving to Alderley House on Alderley Park before eventually moving to Mereside where she has returned to.

Starting as a generalist, answering general queries from a hatch, Donna specialised, following the merger with Astra, in recruitment.  Initially working as a recruitment partner, Donna went into Recruitment Standards and Processes.

After finishing at AstraZeneca, Donna took a break from work, volunteering at a charity shop and then became the Assistant Manager for two years, before joining ApconiX.

Working at ApconiX

Although Donna hasn’t worked in Finance previously, Donna is very at home with systems and lists and has found the transition from recruitment to finance very easy.

Louisa Lake, Finance Manager commented, “Donna has really hit the ground running since joining, she has picked up on all the systems and processes really quickly and is already making my working week run a lot more smoothly, she is proving to be a great asset on the team”

Interests Outside Work

Donna has been practicing Tang Soo Do for the past 6 and a half years in Stockport.  A family marital art, “Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art and its purpose is to develop every aspect of the ‘self’ to produce a mature person who can totally integrate intellect, emotions, body and spirit.”