ApconiX Meet with the Servier Nonclinical Safety Team in Paris

Professor Ruth Roberts and Dr Nancy Claude

Professor Ruth Roberts and Dr Paul Duffy recently spent some time with the Servier nonclinical safety team in Paris, hosted by Dr Nancy Claude, Director of Non-Clinical Safety at Servier and Patrick Genissel, Director Centre of Excellence Research & Biopharmacy, R & D VP.

The discussions focused on science-led strategies to nonclinical development of new molecules, especially complex biologics.  Paul presented a number of interesting case studies to illustrate how things can be done differently followed by a round table discussion on projects led by the Servier experts.  The day was a great success with many areas identified for future collaboration.

“It was great to catch up with Nancy”, said Ruth.  “We have worked together as friends and colleagues for over 15 years and it’s a real pleasure to meet the Servier team”.