ApconiX Awards Prize for Best Toxicology Project

ApconiX is very happy to sponsor the best MSc Toxicology Project prize at the University of Birmingham.

This year’s winner was Christopher Cox.  Chris was investigating the mechanisms of toxicity of ferro-nucleobases developed at Birmingham by James Tucker (Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry) in pancreatic ductal adenoma cell lines. (J. Med. Chem., 2014, 57 (13), pp 5817–5822). The project title is “Toxicity of a Novel Nucleoside Analogue Containing Ferrocene”.

Chris has just started a PhD in pharmacology at the University of Liverpool as part of the MRC Discovery Medicine North (DiMeN) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), researching into tissue engineering and investigating idiosyncratic adverse drug reactions.  The aim of the research is to establish new cell-based in-vitro models that can sufficiently represent biological tissues in their in-vivo environment. These models can then be utilised for investigating toxicity during drug development, promoting the replacement of animals in scientific research and reducing the risk to human volunteers during clinical trials.  The use of induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in these models will also enable the investigation of the mechanisms that underlie adverse drug reactions (ADRs) seen in certain patients in response to certain drugs. Developing patient-specific models and gaining knowledge of the mechanisms of toxicity for these ADRs will help to drive the progression towards personalised medicine.

Dr Nik Hodges, Course Director, commented, “We are so pleased that ApconiX agreed to support this prize. Chris is an outstanding student with a bright future in science”

“As an integrated toxicology and ion channel provider, ApconiX is delighted to support excellence in teaching and achievement in the core discipline of toxicology,” added Ruth Roberts, Chair in Drug Discovery at the University of Birmingham.

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About the Author:

Professor Ruth A Roberts, PhD, ATS, FBTS, ERT, FRSB, FRCPath Director and Cofounder, ApconiX, UK and Chair and Director of Drug Discovery, University of Birmingham, UK Ruth is chair of drug discovery at Birmingham University, UK and Cofounder of ApconiX, an integrated toxicology and ion channel company that brings together a team of world-renowned nonclinical safety experts with over 400 years of drug discovery and development experience. Previously, Ruth was Global Head of Regulatory Safety at AstraZeneca and Director of Toxicology for Aventis. Ruth is an established science professional bringing rigorous expert thinking to toxicology, drug discovery and drug development. With >140 publications in peer reviewed journals, she is focused on reducing attrition attributable to safety and toxicity. A former president of the British Toxicology Society, former president of EUROTOX, former secretary to SOT and president elect of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences, Ruth was the recipient of the SOT Achievement award in 2002, the EUROTOX Bo Holmstedt Award in 2009 and the SOT Founders award in 2018 for outstanding leadership in toxicology.