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Magali-Anne Maizieres | ApconiX

Magali-Anne Maizieres


Magali is an electrophysiologist and gained 3 years’ laboratory experience in both manual and automated patch-clamp at Sanofi.  After completing a BSc in Life Sciences form the University Pierre and Marie Curies in Paris and BSc in Biotechnologies from the University Paris Descartes, Magali gained a Master’s degree in Health Technologies from the University of Bordeaux. Magali subsequently joined Horizon Discovery, gaining experience in engineering cell lines, and then Cambridge University as a RA in neuroscience.   Magali joined ApconiX to indulge her love of patch-clamp and her passion for ion channels and electrophysiology.

Michael Morton | Director | ApconiX
Michael Morton
Karen Jones | Ion Channel Screening | ApconiX
Rob Wallis
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Ion Channel Screening