Symposium – Dx Toxicology: Strategies for Success in Discovery and Development

Drug Metabolism Discussion Group

Attrition due to safety/toxicity remains a challenge in drug discovery and development. Strategies to improve success focus on asking the right questions at the right time around Target, Chemistry and Patient with an emphasis on translation of data to the clinic.

Dx Toxicology: Strategies for Success in Discovery and Development is taking place on Thursday 21st March 2019 at Alderley Park Conference Centre and will bring together experts in each of these areas to discuss current thinking on enhancing probability of success illustrated by case studies.

The meeting will be introduced by Dr Chris Doherty from Alderley Park.

The programme includes:

  • “Enhancing the Detection of Cardiovascular Change: Where Maths Meets Medicine.” Manasi Nandi from Kings College London
  • “Using AI to Enhance Our Understanding of Target Biology.” Daniel Jamieson from Biorelate:
  • “New Tools for Early Prediction of Hepatotoxicity at GSK.” Melanie Sakatis from GSK
  • “The Use of Human Liver Microtissues In De-Risking Drug Induced Liver Injury.” Paul Walker from Cyprotex
  • “Multi-platform Metabolic Phenotyping Applied to Preclinical and Clinical Toxicology.” Muireann Coen from AstraZeneca
  • “Biomarkers to Improve Patient Outcomes.” Caroline Dive CBE from CRUK.

Professor Ruth Roberts, Drs Claire Sadler and Richard Knight from ApconiX will also be speaking.  Ruth will be giving the overview address; “Challenges and Opportunities”, Claire will be discussing “Target Safety Assessments” and Richard will be joining Dr Paul Dickinson from SEDA to present “Focusing on the Patient; Recent Learning from EGFR TKI Clinical Development”. Please come and join us.

To read the full programme and register please click here. Registration is free.  Look forward to seeing you there!