Successful DMDG Symposium at Alderley Park

DMDG Symposium at Alderley Park

The DMDG Symposium at Alderley Park was a great success.  Organised by the teams from Sygnature, Alderley Park and ApconiX, over 120 delegates from around the country joined the symposium Dx Toxicology: Strategies for Success in Discovery and Development, focusing on asking the right questions at the right time around Target, Chemistry and Patient.

Speakers included Dr Manasi Nandi from Kings College London talking about “Enhancing the detection of cardiovascular change: where Maths meets medicine”, Dr Mikael Pearson from AstraZeneca discussing “Discovery Safety – Early impact of chemical design to achieve molecules with the Right Safety” and Dr Caroline Dive CBE from Cancer Research UK presenting “Biomarkers to improve patient outcomes”.

Dr Claire Sadler from ApconiX discussed the importance of “Target Safety Assessments” and Dr Richard Knight joined Dr Paul Dickinson from SEDA to discuss “Focusing on the patient; recent learning from EGFR TKI clinical development.”

Professor Ruth Roberts, a member of the organising committee who also gave the opening keynote address “Drug Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities”, commented, “It was a day of great science, great ideas and great collaboration.  It was particularly gratifying to see 61 organisations represented, including attendees from 10 universities.  Due to the generosity of our sponsors we were also able to offer six student travel bursaries.”