Dr Richard Knight, Dr Guy Healing, Professor Ruth Roberts, Phumzile Sikakana and Dr Karin Burnett thoroughly enjoyed the British Society of Toxicology Congress this week at Robinson College, University of Cambridge.

Highlights of the meeting included a great opening keynote from Dr Stefan Platz (AstraZeneca) who shared his vision for the use of AI in toxicology.  There was also an excellent session on species selection in toxicology studies organised by the NC3Rs and a workshop chaired by Dr Jason Gill (Newcastle University), chair of the BTS Scientific Subcommittee, on the role of the BTS in helping to scope toxicology education in the UK.  “It’s clear that the UK needs more trained toxicologists and that the BTS can play a role in delivering this”, commented Jason.

Dr Chris Powell (GSK), President of the BTS announced that Ruth and 5 other distinguished toxicologists (Professor Alan R Boobis, Professor Lewis L Smith, Dr Frank M Sullivan, Professor Faith M Williams and Professor Anne E Willis) have become honorary fellows of the BTS.   “I am delighted to join this esteemed group”, commented Ruth.  “It’s interesting that all 6 of us have contributed to UK toxicology but in different ways ranging from scientific leadership within industry through to academic excellence”.

Also notable was the high attendance from students and early career scientists who made up a significant proportion of the posters and the short talks invited from submitted abstracts.  “I really enjoyed presenting my poster and I got some great feedback and ideas”, commented Emma Walker, a first year PhD student at UCL.