“Your data turnaround time is incredibly good and it really helps us track the SAR and progress our compounds in a rapid and efficient manner. Thanks ApconiX for your wonderful support to Bugworks.”

V Balasubramanian, Ph.D., Bugworks Research India Pvt. Ltd.

US-based Biotech Company


“I’ve worked with Guy Healing for the last year on CTA/IND enabling toxicology studies for 2 compounds.  Guy did a fabulous job as a study monitor and toxicology consultant for the 15 studies in total placed at CROs in UK and Germany.  As I am based in the US, Guy was pivotal in bridging both the time-zone difference and cultural differences with the CROs.  He traveled to both CROs to conduct thorough audits of the studies and facilities providing timely and superb audit reports. Guy was also very helpful in pulling in needed expertise in other areas either via his colleagues at ApconiX or an external pathologist. Guy has great communication skills and is a real pleasure to work with!!   He is very knowledgeable and a great resource for toxicology advice.”

Principal Toxicologist, US-based Biotech Company
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