Is Expert Interpretation as Good as Complex Computational Modelling?


Come and complete the questionnaire Dr Hitesh Mistry has developed to investigate whether expert interpretation of data is as good as complex computational modelling at the Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting at Barcelona this week.  ApconiX will have copies of the questionnaire on their stand number 307.

Dr Hitesh Mistry is a computational modelling expert and has generated a 2-page questionnaire.  The questionnaire gives example ion channel data for a set of compounds and asks safety pharmacology experts what is the torsadogenic risk associated with these.

There is great interest in using mathematical/computational models to make predictions within the pharmaceutical industry.  One example of this is in the prediction of torsadogenic risk of a compound based on ion-channel effects.  There is a debate on the complexity of the model required and if one is needed at all.  None of the studies conducted to date have assessed whether the predictions of the models are similar to that made by safety scientists who are experts within the area.  The purpose of the questionnaire is to see if, for a wide range of compounds, the safety scientist experts correlates with model predictions and Histesh’s hypothesis is that it will.

Dr Michael Morton is looking forward to meeting you at stand 307 with the questionnaire.  We are very excited to be involved in this research and are looking forward to finding out more.