ApconiX Welcomes Sarah Pass

Sarah Pass

ApconiX is delighted to welcome Sarah Pass who joins the team of nonclinical DMPK experts and will be working with Dr Richard Knight.  With a career in both industry and contract research, Sarah is an experienced drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) scientist with experience of early development project management.  A collaborative scientist and project leader, Sarah has supported projects from discovery though to end of Phase II clinical development.

Academic Career

Sarah graduated from the Liverpool John Moores University with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Biochemistry.  The degree included an industrial placement with Glaxo and Sarah went straight into industry after graduating.

Work Experience

Sarah joined Glaxo Wellcome research and development working as a DMPK laboratory scientist working in the pain, cardiovascular and respiratory therapeutic areas.

Sarah later joined AstraZeneca as a DMPK senior scientist. During her career at AZ, Sarah was promoted to further senior roles gaining a wealth of experience in a multi-disciplinary project environment.  Sarah has supported numerous Candidate Drug nominations in the Oncology therapeutic area and was accountable for the DMPK strategy from Discovery through to the end of Phase II.

In 2014, Sarah joined the CRO, Envigo, in Cambridgeshire as Head of DMPK.  She led a team of around 30 scientists working in multiple therapeutic areas for a variety of clients from academia to biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Whilst gaining valuable experience in the CRO industry, Sarah missed the pharma drug project environment and re-joined AstraZeneca to become a Global Project Manager.

Sarah worked closely with global project leaders in oncology managing budgets of >$300M.  Covering a wide range of oncology projects from lead optimisation to the end of Phase II clinical trials, Sarah provided expertise in project strategy and planning.  In this role, Sarah gained more experience in the cross functional inter-dependencies required to progress molecules quickly and efficiently through early R&D.

As Brexit approached, Sarah led the risk mitigation planning to ensure supply chains remained intact following UK leaving the EU for IMED (discovery and early-stage clinical development across therapeutic areas), reporting directly to the AZ board.

Working at ApconiX

Sarah commented, “I have known colleagues from ApconiX throughout my career.  This seemed a perfect opportunity to work with a team of fabulous and talented scientists that I have a great deal of respect for.”  Richard added “As well as her extensive DMPK background, Sarah brings a huge amount of drug development experience and really understands what it takes to move drug projects forward.  Her advice and guidance will undoubtedly be of great benefit to many of our clients.”

Interests Outside Work

With two football mad young sons, spare time is limited.  “I take my boys to football six days a week so find little time for hobbies although we do love travelling and are looking forward to a memorable trip to Mexico next year,” added Sarah