ApconiX Welcomes Bethany Russell

Bethany Russell

Bethany joins ApconiX as a placement student for part of September.  A second-year student, Bethany is studying Biomedical Sciences at Sheffield University.  Her degree is a four-year sandwich course, with a third-year placement in industry.

Bethany was unsure if a career in a laboratory was for her and wanted to be clearer before making her placement year choice.  “It’s difficult to know because the practical courses at University don’t always seem to have a real-world application.  I wanted to experience an actual commercial business first hand to find out what it was truly like.” Bethany speculatively sent her CV to companies in Alderley Park and was delighted when ApconiX said yes.

Bethany thoroughly enjoyed her time with ApconiX working with Dr Michael Morton and Dr Karen Jones as they carry out ion channel screening and assay development.  “I am so pleased I had this opportunity because I now know lab work is definitely for me.”

Mike added “We’ve been very impressed with the motivation of all our placement students this year.  All have sought work with us independently and been keen to obtain real-world experience that complements their work at University.”