ApconiX Celebrates EUROTOX

EUROTOX 2018 was a great success with many excellent sessions, posters and keynote lectures.  There were more than 1400 attendees from >50 countries giving an outstanding opportunity for networking and learning.

Highlights included the Merit award lecture from Sam Cohen (University of Nebraska) who talked about “Cell proliferation and carcinogenesis” and the HESI CITE lecture from Manasi Nandi (King’s College London) who explained to a fascinated audience how to use “Maths and big data in medicine.”

Paul Duffy’s talk on repurposing Psilocybins attracted a lot of attention as it illustrated the innovative approaches that can be taken to developing new therapeutic options.

Mike Morton’s talk was very well attended.  It addressed recent innovations in delivering and interpreting ion channel data for assessing cardiovascular safety.

Ruth Roberts gave the keynote address on the final day entitled “Drug discovery: if you want to see different results, do things differently”

The conference dinner was held at the amazing Autoworld in Brussels and we raised a glass to Professor Heather Wallace as she starts her 2-year team as President of the Society.  Congratulations Heather!   We look forward to working with you and the whole EUROTOX organisation to support the mission of fostering toxicology across Europe.

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About the Author:

Dr Richard Knight PhD, ERT, is a Director and Co-founder of ApconiX, a preclinical toxicology and ion channel company that brings together a team of world-renowned nonclinical safety experts. Richard graduated from the University of Bradford in 1989 with a degree in Biomedical Sciences (Pharmacology) before gaining a PhD at the University of Leeds researching the role of adenosine receptors in renal function and toxicity. His research then included post-doctoral studies at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) into the effects of ischaemia/reperfusion injury on cardiac metabolism. Richard joined Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, Safety of Medicines Group in 1996 as a Study Director, and then Project Toxicologist across multiple therapy areas, from early discovery through to market. As Lead Toxicologist for Oncology, Richard was a member of both the Drug Safety and Metabolism, and Oncology Leadership teams with responsibility for safety across the AZ oncology portfolio. In this senior role he provided leadership and mentoring support to other project toxicologists. Richard has worked on many drug platforms over this time including small molecules, biologics, proteins and oligonucleotides and has been involved in bringing over 30 new candidate drugs into clinical trials and 5 to marketing approval.