The Importance Of ‘Agility’

The-Importance of Agility

We couldn’t agree more with the 2020 Forbes Article describing Agility as the new superpower. Agility has allowed ApconiX to thrive and grow during the pandemic and to integrate new working practices into our future ways of working.  So, what does agility mean for us? Primarily, it means focusing on the science and on people rather than on any pre-existing plans or process, allowing our experts to guide projects to the best outcome. Additionally, we trust our people to deliver from wherever they are at whatever time of day works for them – what does it really matter where they are?  Essentially, what we do hasn’t changed but the way we do it has flexed and evolved, facilitated by new technologies. Agility is now opening new opportunities for us to expand our global team, knowing that remote working is the new normal rather than a compromise.

ApconiX was already build on a global flexible team approach with our scientists based in Canada, Switzerland and Sweden, as well as in the UK.  We will be expanding the envelope further shortly as our TSA scientist Phumzile Sikakana takes the opportunity to ‘WFA*’ for the next year, accompanying her partner on a placement at Australia’s Gold Coast Hospital!  What an adventure for Phum and a chance for us to flex even further in our definition of normal working!

Phum commented, “This is an amazing opportunity for me to live in an exciting new place but still continue to develop professionally in my current role and be a part of the ApconiX team. After working from home for the last year, I can’t wait to be working in the sunshine!”

*: Working from Australia!