Society of Toxicology 2021 Virtual Conference

Target Safety Assessments

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Acuity Target Safety Assessments are created by project toxicologists, supported by Artificial Intelligence, to provide an understanding of target safety liabilities and a risk mitigation plan.

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Watch our recent webinar in partnership with Xtalks “Improve Drug Project Success by Understanding Drug Target Safety”.  (This video has closed captions – if you would like to see these just click on “CC” on the control panel).

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Meet Professor Ruth Roberts, Director and Co-founder

“A co-founder of ApconiX, Ruth has 25 years of experience in leading roles in drug safety within large pharma.  Ruth is also Chair and Director of Drug Discovery at The University of Birmingham, UK and was previously Global Head of Regulatory Safety at AstraZeneca.  With over 140 publications in peer-reviewed journals, she is former president of the British Toxicology Society, former president of EUROTOX, former secretary to SOT and President of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences. Ruth was the recipient of the SOT Founders award in 2018 for outstanding leadership in toxicology. Ruth is an established science professional bringing rigorous expert thinking to toxicology, drug discovery and drug development.”