Christmas? Is it Late or Is it Early?

The years pass so quickly and yes it’s Christmas once again!

ApconiX had to cancel their Christmas celebrations because of the surge in Covid19 infections over Christmas so we decided to postpone rather than cancel it.

May 30th was unofficially renamed Christmas Day and Secret Santa brought many a laugh!

IMG 20220530 WA0000 | ApconiX

The Acuity TSA Team Phum, Helen, Sean, Duncan, Sid and Nic.

IMG 20220530 WA0011 | ApconiX

It’s exhausting fun for Julie…

IMG 20220531 WA0000 | ApconiX

..and Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Ruth’s reindeer antlers…

IMG 20220530 WA0008 | ApconiX

…and Richard in a cowboy hat…

IMG 20220530 WA0009 | ApconiX

…and a rainbow tulle skirt…

IMG 20220530 WA0010 | ApconiX

…perfect for cycling home…

IMG 20220530 WA0007 | ApconiX

Hannah might have to read between the lines!

IMG 20220530 WA0006 | ApconiX

Only 7 months to wait and Kim can play this seasonal game!

IMG 20220530 WA0005 | ApconiX

Helen will never miss a meeting with this silly walk clock.

IMG 20220530 WA0013 | ApconiX

The less said about this one the better…

IMG 20220530 WA0012 | ApconiX

Think that goes for this one too…

IMG 20220530 WA0014 | ApconiX

Well that’s unusually useful and not embarrassing at all…

IMG 20220530 WA0003 | ApconiX

Mike gets an opened packet of biscuits.

IMG 20220530 WA0002 | ApconiX

The good thing about Yankee Grab is that Jane gets to open lots of pressies…

IMG 20220530 WA0004 | ApconiX

The bad thing is she might end up with the…

Many thanks to everyone for making it such a great day!