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We were thrilled to be nominated for the Bionow 2023 Product and Project of the Year Awards for our seizure liability assays. Fingers crossed for the 7th March.
We were also delighted Dr Kimberly Rockley won the Bionow Rising Star of the Year Award last year.

Kimberly Rockley, Ruth Roberts, Hannah Jennings, Karen Jones, Myrtle Davis, Paul Levesque and Michael Morton. An integrated approach for early in vitro seizure prediction utilizing hiPSC neurons and human ion channel assays, Toxicological Sciences, Volume 196, Issue 1, November 2023, Pages 126–140.

We were cited in a recent FDA/CDER paper (Avila et al 2023) where the authors provide a perspective on the opportunities and challenges of using NAMs in drug development.

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New Team Members

We were delighted to welcome (clockwise from the left) Leah Worthington, Heather Brown, Hannah Dixon and Aina Mogas Barcons.
Who all joined our target safety assessment team.

2024 Conferences

We are going to a number of conferences this year including SOT 2024 in Salt Lake City, 10-14th March. Professor Ruth Roberts, Dr Richard Knight, Dr Laurence Bishop, Dr James Sidaway, Dr Claire Sadler, Dr Kimberly Rockley, Dr Nicholas Coltman and Dr Jane Barber will all be there. Come and visit us at Booth #1609.

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New Team Members

We were delighted to welcome (clockwise from the left) Stacey Owen, Isabelle Heys, Charlotte Warrender, Donna Martin

who all joined our project toxicology, laboratory and finance teams.

Drug Safety Forum 2024

After the success of last October’s Drug Safety Forum – Making Safety Part of Drug Design at Magdalene College in Cambridge, we are thrilled to be holding the second Drug Safety Forum on Translational Safety at the Wellcome Collection in London.

Save the Date: 17th October 2024.

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New Team Members

We were delighted to welcome (clockwise from the left) Dr Haroon Rashid, Joanne Wilson, Sean Redmond, Dr Peggy Guzzie-Peck

who all joined our project toxicology team.

Safety Pharmacology Society

Join us for a Safety Pharmacology Society Webinar: An Integrated Approach for Early In Vitro Seizure Prediction Utilizing hiPSC Neurons on Thursday 21st March.

Register here

Listen to our Drug Discovery World podcasts from last year here.

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New Team Members

We were delighted to welcome Susan Tantawi, Dr Joanne Kilgour and Paul Carter to our project toxicology team who bring unparalleled expertise in inhalation and intranasal toxicity specialisms. They have worked with both small and large pharma on projects at all stages of development (supporting Phase 1 enabling through to full registration) and across established and novel indications involving a myriad of targets, giving advice on study programmes and submissions to worldwide Regulatory Authorities.
Susan will be representing ApconiX at the Respiratory Drug Delivery meeting in Arizona in May.