ApconiX @ The BTS Congress 2018!

We were delighted to sponsor the poster and drinks reception at the annual British Toxicology Society meeting April 2018.  The posters were fascinating with lots of new data on topics such as differentiated pluripotent stem cells, predicting and avoiding drug-induced toxicity and characterisation of cardiac stem cells for assessment of cardiotoxicity.  There were also some [...]

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What’s new in Predictive Toxicology?

ApconiX enjoyed a double-billing at the recent ‘Predictive Toxicology in Discovery DMPK’ meeting hosted by Sygnature Discovery and Xenogesis in Nottingham.  Ruth Roberts kicked off the event with the keynote address entitled ‘Roberts Derisking early drug projects Shortened Version March 2018’ (click the title for pdf).  Mike Morton addressed the conference later on in the [...]

Post SOT ApconiX post!

Team ApconiX (Ruth Roberts, Richard Knight, Mike Morton, Paul Duffy and Claire Sadler) had a truly outstanding SOT2018 with great new science and great new contacts.  Ruth Roberts was the proud recipient of the 2018 SOT Founders Award presented by SOT president Patti Ganey.  Claire Sadler presented in a session on Elevator Pitch followed by [...]

Team ApconiX will be @ SOT2018!

Ruth Roberts, Richard Knight, Mike Morton, Paul Duffy and Claire Sadler will be at SOT2018.  We’d love to talk to you about how ApconiX can add value to your projects through better decisions in project toxicology, target safety assessments and ion channel/hERG screening.  Every project is unique and needs the guidance of experts to ensure [...]

ApconiX Return Over 80% of hERG Screening Data to Clients Within One Week

Why is Time Critical to hERG Screening Data? ApconiX has worked hard to optimise our processes and is now returning over 80% of hERG screening data back to clients within one week of compound receipt.  This allows critical decisions to be made in medicinal chemistry on a full dataset of compound properties, avoiding mistakes and [...]

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The Value of Target Safety Assessments

Did you know that safety issues remain one of the main reason why drug projects fail?   Multiple publications over recent years have continued to highlight non-clinical safety/toxicity as the most frequent reason for project failure in drug development.  For example, in a study of 605 projects from GSK, AstraZeneca, Ely Lilly and Pfizer, nonclinical toxicology [...]

ApconiX attending SOT 2018 San Antonio, Texas March 11-15

Looking forward to seeing everyone at SOT 2018. Ruth Roberts will be the proud recipient of the 2018 SOT Founders Award at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening and Ruth and Claire Sadler will be presenting in the session on Elevator Pitches on Tuesday afternoon. Come and say Hi to Ruth, Richard Knight, Mike Morton, [...]

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Redx Pharma Announces First Patient Dosed in Phase 1/2a

Redx Pharma has commenced a Phase I study for a novel cancer treatment at The Christie in Manchester. The compound, RXC004, is a novel, oral, potent small molecule Porcupine inhibitor, and targets the Wnt pathway that is implicated in the maintenance of cancer stem cells. ApconiX were proud to work with our Redx colleagues in [...]

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Magic Mushrooms May Treat Depression

This recent article in the Sunday Times discusses how an extract of magic mushrooms may be able to make significant improvements in the treatment of severe depression. We were delighted to bring ApconiX's drug project toxicologist expertise to the team of experts working with COMPASS Pathways to find a safe, efficient and effective route into [...]

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Collaboration and Competition: Ethics in Toxicology

Two of the biggest ethical challenges in pharmaceutical toxicology are the use of animals in testing and the high safety-related attrition rates in new drug development.  Yet very little is invested in these two fields compared with investment in new efficacy models, new disease targets and new technologies.  How can this be addressed?  In this [...]