The European Centre of Excellence for nonclinical cardiovascular electrophysiology

 An alliance of companies including PhysioStim and QT Informatics, the Centre offers a complete range of preclinical cardiac safety studies from screening to customized problem-solving, both in the GLP and non-GLP format. The service includes automated electrophysiology providing hERG screening and CiPA ion channel assays, GLP compliant assays: manual patch-clamp assays (hERG, hNav1.5, hCav1.2), action potential recordings, Langendorff models and cardiac contractility studies.

The Centre is designed to help companies make better decisions in selecting the optimal clinical lead candidates at an early stage. Companies often struggle to determine the right lead candidates early in the drug development process. In the preclinical study phase, inefficient screening of potential lead candidates leads to soaring R&D costs for drug projects that may, ultimately, need to be abandoned due to toxicity issues.

Single Contact

Customers benefit from a single contact scientist within The Centre of Excellence, directly accessing the companies’ expert electrophysiologists and toxicologists, who will help them interpret study and assay data and define the implications for each drug project. Advice is also provided with regulations to optimise the development and the de-risking of drug candidates.

PhysioStim specialises in advanced study models to evaluate cardiac safety and is recognized as one of Europe’s most reliable CRO experts in cardiac safety pharmacology for preclinical drug development. Through over 18 years of experience, PhysioStim has never ceased to improve upon knowledge of cardiac safety pharmacology. PhysioStim’s expertise covers electrophysiological studies, preclinical resources and a profound working knowledge of ICH S7B guidelines in accordance with GLP.

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Ion channels

Ion channels play a central role in normal and disease biology. ApconiX develops and optimises novel ion channel assays for hit identification, selectivity profiling or mechanism of action studies. ApconiX also offers high-quality hERG screening data generated and reported quickly – ApconiX reports over 80% of hERG data to clients within one week! Comprehensive assessment of cardiac liability is also offered with additional sodium channel and calcium channel assays available routinely to give greater insight.

Additional to the ion channel screening and assay development, ApconiX provides expert nonclinical safety strategies to maximise the value of pharmaceutical assets at all stages of drug discovery and development. From target review to regulatory approval, ApconiX helps organisations to assess, reduce and manage potential risk factors to make better decisions in selecting the right drug candidate.

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